I had the privilege of taking the helm in shaping the product design for this esteemed brand. With a deep passion for creating exceptional user experiences, I embraced the exciting responsibility of ensuring that every click and interaction in the food ordering experience was crafted to deliver a seamless journey for the users. I collaborated closely with Noodles & Co stakeholders to bring their vision to life.
- Art Director (AD)
- Interaction (IxD) Designer
- User Interface (UI) Designer
- Competitive Analysis
- Journey Maps
- Low and High-Fidelity Wireframes & Prototypes
- Design Systems & Toolkits
- Assets for Development
- Figma
- FigJam
- Illustrator
- Photoshop
The Journey:
We began by diving deep into understanding the target audience, their needs, and their behaviors. Armed with this valuable insight, we crafted intuitive user interfaces that prioritized simplicity and ease of use. From the initial wireframes to the final polished designs, every decision was made with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the user experience was not only visually appealing but also highly functional and efficient.
Throughout the design process, we kept a keen eye on consistency across platforms, ensuring that the Noodles & Company experience was seamless and familiar to users, regardless of whether they were using iOS, Android, or web platforms. This attention to cross-platform compatibility allowed us to create a cohesive brand experience and facilitate a smooth transition for users as they moved across different devices.
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