App Store Imagery
App Store Imagery
Designing for El Pollo Loco was an incredibly fulfilling experience for me, as it allowed me to merge my personal connection with the brand and my passion for design. Growing up in Los Angeles, I have always enjoyed their delicious food, so being able to contribute to their visual identity was particularly meaningful.
- Art Director (AD)
- Interaction (IxD) Designer
- User Interface (UI) Designer
- User Experience (UX) Designer
- Competitive Analysis
- Journey Maps
- Low and High-Fidelity Wireframes & Prototypes
- Style Tiles
- Design Systems & Toolkits
- Assets for Development
- Story Boarding for Sizzle
- Figma
- FigJam
- Illustrator
- Photoshop
The Journey:
To bring the client's vision to life, I infused vibrant colors and incorporated cultural elements that reflected the rich heritage and vibrant spirit of El Pollo Loco. I wanted to capture the essence of the brand and create designs that resonated with both loyal customers and new visitors alike. The captivating food photography played a pivotal role in showcasing the mouthwatering dishes and enticing viewers to indulge in the culinary experience.
Despite the challenge of a tight deadline of just 6 sprints, our team demonstrated exceptional collaboration and dedication. We worked hand in hand with developers, ensuring that the designs seamlessly integrated with the technical aspects of the project. This close collaboration allowed us to maintain a cohesive vision throughout the development process and deliver a high-quality end product.
During the project, I took the initiative to create a comprehensive toolkit that not only facilitated the design process but also empowered future iterations. This toolkit encompassed style guides, UI components, and design patterns, ensuring consistency and efficiency across different screens and interactions. The toolkit became a valuable resource for the team, enabling us to maintain design integrity and cohesion throughout the entire project.
Sizzle Reel
Rewards Style Tiles
Photography Direction
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