Ah, the memories of my first "big" job. It takes me back to a time filled with excitement, passion, and the pursuit of a dream. My inaugural opportunity came in the form of Old Ox Brewery—a pivotal moment in my journey as a budding designer.
At the age of 21, attending art school and fueling my aspirations as a designer, I found myself captivated by the world of craft beer. If there was anything that rivaled my love for design at that time, it was the artistry and craftsmanship behind a well-crafted pint. I eagerly attended craft beer festivals, immersing myself in the vibrant culture and flavors that breweries had to offer.
- Art Director (AD)
- Illustrations
- Bottle Design
- Merchandise Design
- Illustrator
- Photoshop
The Journey:
The opportunity to combine my passion for design with my love for craft beer was an exhilarating prospect. It felt like a perfect match, where my creative skills could be harnessed to shape the visual identity of a growing brewery. From that moment, I embarked on a journey that would leave an indelible mark on both the brand and myself.
As I delved into the project, I poured my heart and soul into designing labels, merchandise, and other brand elements for Old Ox Brewery. The satisfaction of seeing my designs come to life on Old Ox Brewery's bottles and merchandise was unparalleled. I still hold onto those original bottles and items as cherished mementos—a tangible reminder of the journey I embarked upon as a young designer.
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