Creating these illustrations holds a special and cherished place in my heart. What started as a college project quickly evolved into a passion project that brought me immense joy and fulfillment. These illustrations became a beloved part of the local comic book community in the NoVA (Northern Virginia) area, as they were sold in various local comic bookstores.
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- Illustrator
The Journey:
In addition to local comic bookstores, I had the privilege of showcasing and selling my illustrations at large comic conventions in Washington, DC. These events provided an exciting platform to engage directly with fans, fellow artists, and industry professionals. It was a thrilling experience to see attendees appreciate and collect my artwork, forming connections and conversations around the shared love for comics and art.
What began as a college project soon turned into a personal journey of artistic exploration and growth. I poured my passion, creativity, and personal touch into each illustration, allowing my unique style and storytelling to shine through. It was a project that not only allowed me to further develop my skills as an artist but also served as a source of personal fulfillment and creative expression.
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