10 years of passion, fueled by curiosity.
I'm Jasmine, but you can call me Jazz.
UX Design Manager - Jack of All Design Trades - Empathetic Leader - Probably Your New Bestie
I Champion The User's Experience

🙋‍♀️Healthy Push Back Culture
Push back doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's okay to advocate for our team's workload and work/life balance. I'm in search for "the why" so I'm not afraid to ask questions or raise concerns. I embrace being open to new experiences, seeking out opportunities, and learning from mistakes or successes.
👐 Consumers Come First
Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you. Through reviews, interviews, surveys, or testing, the consumer will let us know what they want and need. Being able to identify where we can use analytics, quantitative, or qualitative consumer data can change the future of how we experience our digital products. 
🤝 Transparency & Honesty
Understanding how to open channels between different groups and keeping honest and transparent lines of communication is essential to success. The impact we create by understanding how to take feedback and guide others when needed is invaluable to any team.

Get To Know Me
📍 I live in the growing city of San Antonio, TX
❤️ I advocate for accessibility needs and protecting your mental health
📢 I love spreading awareness about creative professions to younger generations
📺 Keeping up with pop culture is a guilty pleasure of mine
🥂 I enjoy boozy brunches
🚢 A cruise is my preferred method of travel
👧 I knew I wanted to be a designer by the age of 12
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