I had the opportunity to lead a talented team of designers in overseeing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Our main responsibility was to manage the creation and execution of email campaigns, which played a crucial role in engaging with our valued customers on a daily basis.
- Art Director (AD)
- Design Toolkit
- Email Designs
- Illustrations
- Assets for development
- Figma
- Illustrator
- Photoshop
The Journey:
Given the high volume of emails we had to produce, it was paramount for our team to be meticulous in our planning, design approach, and feedback processes. We understood the importance of delivering visually appealing and enticing content to our recipients, while also ensuring that the messages effectively conveyed the irresistible charm of our mouthwatering cheesecakes and exclusive deals available to our loyal members.
Our creative team poured their expertise into designing custom heroes for each email, capturing the essence of our delectable cheesecakes and highlighting the attractive offers we had in store. We meticulously curated the visuals to ensure they not only showcased the tantalizing desserts but also reflected the brand's signature style and maintained consistency across campaigns.
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